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Through positive and transformational vision, I propose to fabricate a manifestation that creates a meeting point. Where nature is captured to create stunning backdrops of wonder, and the unexplainable awe each person carries within themselves will be expressed through simple, elegant, line-drawn artwork that playfully displays whimsy.

Much how the world has experienced life-changing realities and isolation throughout this past year, my proposed Meeting Point will mimic familiar emotions stirring within during a time that forced so many to dream alone. Whether isolated in solitary reflection or courageous and finding new ways to define their own solitude, this artistic venture will provoke untapped emotions of hope, escapism, and leap towards inspiration.

Extraordinary Escape is an interactive creation by myself and commissioned adventures with amazing artists that offer a unified expression of solitary works of art, within this collaborative installation to create an intersection and united narrative. Each piece on its own would showcase the most elegant and highest caliber of art and craft, while implementing a junction of playfulness, offering an important metaphor for the internal need for hope and escapism of this past year. The feeling of isolation can often give us a newfound inspiration and reason to embrace the now, in our case, we discovered a fresh perspective and desire to produce work in faraway places, a longing for travel and exploration, which we once took for granted. This forced time alone, quarantined and separated from our lives awarded a certain freedom to deep dive into my archives, to take stunning landscapes and strange overlooked moments, and reinvent them with new purpose, simultaneously exploring new ways to be present, to create new realities, to share refreshed narratives – These rediscovered moments that quietly stir magnificent gestures, simple emotion poetically drive this artistic installation.

The creation is site specific, designed using mixed media materials. Large scale photographs create the alluring scene that offers depth, creating an interactive majestic setting: an installation that the audience enjoys walking-through to observe the solitary works and the point in which they overlap in a fresh united narrative.

Visual Description:

A significant emphasis of the creation will be used with vast, flowing, translucent fabric that will display large-scale, elegant photographic landscapes of divergent meeting points.

Depending on the site awarded to this inclusive exhibition of raw hope, I welcome the opportunity to incorporate elements to this space through light and wind, potentially adding show-stopping ingredients to the expression of this installation.

Here are some mock up ideas and initial samples of the illusion. Our intrinsic vision is the creation of a space that invites people to look at the meeting point from different perspectives, to challenge what they thought they knew, and to engrain this work of art into not only a beautiful visual but a memorable experience.

Our proposed interpretation of The Meeting Point can be produced in many different constellations. The more space that I am granted, the greater and more magnificent impact can be made. Please keep in mind that no matter the space awarded, an important aspect of the installation is the depth, creating an illusion for participants to walk through. These visual ideas are subject to change once the dimensions of the space are confirmed. I look forward to working with you in creating an extraordinary escape!

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