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We are excited to Share this upcoming event.  Jean Mary will be showcasing Part of HIs Exhibition Allure....
November 9 - November 21


I’m excited to share that I will be featured in the upcoming Photography Festival on November 9 on the streets of tel aviv.  

I will be showcasing a glimpse into a stunning series “Allure” in a grand way.

At this yearsPhoto:Israel’s 08 festival……

...that will be displayed around the Kikar Hamedina, In Tel Aviv.

With the strains of this strange year, more specifically the covid pandemic it has been a time to reflect with art.  

In order to stay relevant with new limitations we have decided to bring the work outdoors….  I will keep you all posted on the dates and interesting events that will happen and please feel free to share your feedback with me directly as a growing artist hearing from my community of support and audience helps keep me focused and fresh to creativity.

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 12.21.52.png

פסטיבל צילום


אנו שמחים לשתף את האירוע. ז'אן מרי יציג תמונות מדהימות ....


9.11.19 - 21.11.19

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